NO to VICTIMS of Divorce

Warning: Do not let YOUR CHILDREN become the VICTIMS of your divorce.

Would you like your children to emerge from your divorce happy, mentally healthy and better prepared to face the challenges of life?

Despite what ‘people say’ this is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE and with the right help it is even PROBABLE.

Make no mistake…

Divorce can and has ruined children’s lives.

But it really DOES NOT have to be that way… See some information here and more below…

Co-parenting? Here’s a couple of apps to help you through the early stages, the bumpy bit, or even just the long ride.

Counselling therapy online. Do you need to talk to someone who can really help?

How to deal with divorcing a high conflict personality…


What are some signs of Parental Alienaton? Could you recognise them? Do you think you may be a victim of this?
Are you doing this to your children, or the other parent?

Signs of Parental Alienation

■ Children perceive one parent as causing financial problems for the other parent.

■ Children have knowledge of the divorce details or legal procedures.

■ Children show a sudden hostile, negative change in attitude toward target parent.

■ Children are not delivered for court-ordered visitation and/or are not allowed to “choose” to visit the target parent.

■ False allegations of abuse are made against the target parent.

■ Children are asked to choose one parent over the other.

■ Anger and negativity toward target parent is reinforced.

■ Children are given the impression that if they have a good time with the target parent during a visit, it will hurt them.

■ Children are asked about the target parent’s personal life.

■ Children are “rescued” from the target parent when there is no danger.


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