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Imagine a man having to take over the care of a newborn baby from birth with no warning or preparation at all. That is, except your usual childbirth classes with the mother of your child. Mostly they prepare the mother however, not so much of the “what if you now become the sole carer of new babe?”.

Why are there no preparations in the classes for that I wonder?

A truly harrowing experience when suddenly you realise the mother of your baby will not care for him, or increasingly hate the very thought of him near her.
It’s now up to you, the father, to feed, clean, clothe and otherwise care for this amazing, yet completely helpless little person. Not only that, your wife who you thought wanted this baby together with you has now been admitted to the psych ward!

Work has to be cancelled to take on this responsibility, your whole life to be changed to be there for this little one. Many would run at the mere thought, others never consider that they could take up this challenge.