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Being badly abused as a child it leaves us open to being abused as an adult.

Brutalised around the head and the heart, crushed so frequently round the soul.
Constantly being told they were worthless
Always being told they were no good
Never trusted with anything
Never allowed to explore their own person
Not being allowed to fit in to where they were supposed to feel safe

Where does that leave a man who was brutalized in the head and heart as a child? It leaves them open to being abused by the next woman who comes along as soon as he leaves his mother.
Abused so badly that he could put up with her cheating and lying even though he knew she was doing it.
Put up with her abuse of how stupid he was, even though he was smart enough to move quickly up the corporate ladder without even going to university like the said abuser.
Put up with her getting rid of his baby because it inconvenienced her successful life (maybe because it really belonged to her lover who was married to someone else, even though she told him it was his).
Put up with her telling him to buy a house with him because it convenienced her.
Put up with her wanting a baby and making plans for a shotgun wedding so she could give up work and live off him.

Put up with her deciding she no longer wanted to be a mother and him having to organise to work from home to look after the two children while she wallowed in her own self pity and went out and did her own thing with his money.
Put up with her going out a couple of nights a week while he stayed and fed, bathed and put the children to bed.

Put up with her stealing his children, his flesh and blood, away from him.