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When I first moved with my children to another town, after I had told their father I was going to move, we were going to continue to keep the same visit arrangements.

When I asked the before the first visit what would be the best way to catch up, he told me his car had broken down. So I said, that’s ok, when its better let me know and well catch up again then.

The next visiting date something else came up. The children were asking me why I wasn’t taking them to see their father. That was a curly one!
So I rang him to find out how we could come up with a better arrangement and he told me not to contact him anymore.

The children asked me again when were they seeing him. All I could tell them was I couldn’t contact him, couldnt get through to him, on the phone.

So the first Father’s Day cme around that they hadn’t seen their birth father. It was also the first Fathers Day that my partner had not seen his own children, but his reason was because his ex had refused to let him see them.
So between the children asking me about cards and me trying to think of how to make my partner feel better, I just told the children, so well make the cards for new dad!

We made him breakfast in bed and littlies felt like they had someone to celebrate. We all had a great time.

I know we will never replace the children he lost though.

Early the next week the children’s father called me and said he wanted to see them.

People who have never been isolated from their own flesh and blood will never understand a parent will never get over the pain of not having them in your life…