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This Father’s Day was slightly different. So much going on, the pain my husband feels over not seeing his own children and the fact I can’t stand watching any commercial TV helped me forget there even was one coming anyway, despite the fact I know it can’t be long after my own father’s birthday in August.
The Father’s Day stall snuck up on me, but because my children aren’t into commercialism that much either, they didn’t even remind me.

A present for dad, a present for other dad and one for grandpa were purchased or made by the kids with the school activities.

My mother had already asked to have my children for the weekend as she hadn’t caught up with them for sometime. So when she asked I didn’t even think about it being Fathers Day weekend (also the children’s birth father hadn’t mentioned it, or asked to see them). “Of course, sounds great.”

My husband and I had some quiet time, just pottering round the place and enjoying the first warm sunshine we have had in months.
I rang my dad to say happy Father’s Day, who chuckled when I said, “I got you some grand kids for the day”
My husband also chatted happily away to his father who lives a fair way away. Which made me feel good that at least it could take some of the sting of the day out of it for him to focus on someone else.

Every Father’s Day is like another dagger that reminds him of when she stole his own two children from him. The lies his ex-wife tells to them about him are extraordinary. He used to be just about the sole carer of them before 3 years ago, as she was never able to cope with the children, saying she didn’t want to be around them. A different situation when she made up her mind to use the kids against him.

When the children arrived home later Sunday evening they rang their birth father.

(Even though things didn’t work out the way we originally planned, I still love the gift of children he gave me.)

He said to me, “Thank you for getting them to ring. I really appreciate it.”

When was the last time you let anyone else enjoy the wonder of your children’s happiness and smiles and love?