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The first stages of co-parenting were quite hard to negotiate. Lots of raw emotions.
Going to see someone to help us write out a plan, or schedule the first time was confronting, but well worth the effort, as it helped us to see objectively the needs of the children, not just our own. But also how one person alone would not get all their wants and needs met and both sides were printed, plain as day, to refer to.

Putting the plan in action was a little more difficult as both of us were still sorting out our own stuff and trying to comes to grips with how different everything had become.

There were nasty things said to each other with our hurts so close to the surface. Things, that when you’re really over tired, are hard not to let slip. The frustration of the whole situation falling hard around you.

Things to do with tiny children that were out of my control, illness, school stuff, car maintenance, just basic necessity.