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When hearing about a close friend having their girlfriend make the decision for him that it was inconvenient right now for her to carry a child of his to term, it brought me back to another situation I had heard of. (It also brought me to tears)

A friend’s slutty girlfriend decided to get rid of his first child because it would wreck her lifestyle! That alone would have had me running from HER as fast as my little legs could carry me. However the poor fellow stayed and had a further two children with her and she has now taken them away from him.

I am not saying that I was good and pure enough to abstain before marriage, however I was very AWARE of the fact I was not ready to bring up a child in my younger years (Perhaps it was because I looked after my baby brother a lot as a teen). I went to great lengths to never have to think about the option of whether I was to fall pregnant or not.

There are lots of OPTIONS out there people, not just the pill!!

So my thoughts are always, if you are not being thoughtful enough of LIFE, chances are, you are going having to look after another little person in your life. You are still going to think about the person who-may-have-been for the rest of your life, just as much as if you had the baby. Why are people so blase about this??!!

By the time I was married, it was still a bit of time before I concieved my first child, to the extent that people were looking at me as if I couldn’t have a baby. My first arrived safely and in a fantastic family life.
But I have also been in a situation where I have been faced with the decision of whether or not “right now” is convenient or even possible. With the breaking down of my marriage I briefly worried that “should I really be going ahead with this right now?” and mentioned my thought to my now ex-husband, who simply said, “You know neither of us could live with ourselves if we did”.

I struggled with getting my head around having the baby alone with a 2 year old to look after as well.
But I did. He left throughout the pregnancy and I continued to bring up my 2 year old and birthed a happy healthy little person virtually alone.

I would not part with either of them for all the world, because I know both of them were supposed to be here.