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So I guess after the post about not letting your children become victims of your divorce, you may be waiting to find out if I know what I’m taking about, or if I have any further clues as to how you can get through this next part of your journey.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some little reasons why I know persevering with co-parenting is worth it.

I have been through marriage, separation, divorce, single parenting and co-parenting. I care for my two children dearly and sometimes other people’s children.
I don’t just say I love my children, I really go out of my way to look for the best options for them in how to let them live to the best of their abilities.

I used to think I could protect my children from the world. But then I remember in ‘Finding Nemo’
When Nemos father says, “I promised I would never let anything ever happen to him!” Dory then says, “you can’t let NOTHING ever happen to him, not much fun for little Nemo is it”

Everyone has a purpose to be here on this earth. Some lessons are meant to be learnt for us to become the people we were supposed to be.

I used to experience great guilt that my children were to not have the typical family life with their birth father living with us. That’s not the life I imagined or wanted for them.

I now get told by many different people what amazing little people I have (at 7 & 10). They are surprised by their maturity, caring, great manners and wonderfully smart little kids for their age!

I will write more about how we got to this place in future posts.