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“He told her. Can you image the kind of abuse he got. He looked totally wrecked!!!” I said to my friend.

“Oh my gosh really? What did he say??”

“Well, he told her that he was never coming back and that she could see other people if she wanted to. She told him he was a pathetic excuse for a man” I replied

“Oh my gosh, wow what a step”
My friend had been the one to make me realise I should fight for him if it was supposed to be.

“I know! Freak me out!!!” I guess I was beginning to think he didn’t want me after all.

Her curiosity got the better of her, “Did he say he was seeing someone?”

“Well I don’t think so” Some progress, to me, seemed better than none.

“Well it’s a start. That’s next” she laughed

“But he said we might not have to hide for much longer” I offered as a glimmer of hope.

“No you shouldn’t hide”

“Yes I know… But that’s big enough for him right now…”