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I saw the car, and my heart skipped a beat. Could I possibly miss seeing her? That was an impossibility as she was already inside the building and we had yet to get in there. The only parking spot was right next to her’s. That wonderful green car.

I hurriedly tried to get Toby out of the car and walked towards the door. Then she called out to me from her car,

“Hi and bye. Matthew is in with Toby today!”

Great. She didn’t invite him to his birthday, but she asks for them to play together at kinder? What a faker. Trying to act to everyone else like she is the good person.

The kinder teacher said, “Look Toby, you have a friend waiting to play with you today”. She said that Matthew’s mother had specifically asked if Toby was coming in that day.

I felt like she was tracking me down. She had purposely come at a time I would be there to see what uniform my daughter was in now that I had moved her school.

I realised the last time I had seen the kinder teacher was not in the classroom but in a diner, when she had said Hi to Matthew’s father and I.

I hurriedly said to her, “You haven’t…?”

She finished off my sentence, saying she wouldn’t say anything to her about seeing us at the Lone Star steakhouse, as she had enough of her own sh*t going on. I breathed a sigh of relief!

Friggin’ pretending I’m not with someone when they just live up the road is driving me insane…

Not that I have to, he is completely separated and he lives by himself. But his ex still thinks its her right to mess with his life?