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Jeremy decided to take me along with him and his two boys to visit his mother in the outback of South Australia. A long drive ahead, but what a beautiful car for travelling. He decided to tell his mother a short way from getting there, boxing day,

“Mum, four of us are coming, except not the usual four.”

I baulked immediately… “What! You didn’t tell your mum I was coming? Just let me out here”

I was afraid she would not like me and did not know how to react…

Why would you introduce me to your mother?!

My two kids were staying with their dad for a bit.

She gave me a hug as I got out of the car! Almost as tall as her son, and thin, she stood welcoming us in.

When we came back from his mum’s place he dropped the boys back with their mum and he asked if he could move in with me.

He went to work, looked after his boys after school, fed them dinner, gave them baths and then put them to bed. Then he would come home.

I would do everything with my two children alone, except to see their father every second weekend. I was so used to doing it all alone anyway, it didn’t change much. But this time I had hope for the future.