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After everything we have been through…

From the way that she hacked his email account, to the abuse, the stalking, the frequent attacks, the constant threats and set ups of traps he were to fall into.

She mentioned he never laid a hand on her, but that was not the case the other way around. She did lay a hand on him, she knew she was bigger and had the physical strength to threaten a man. He was shaking as he recalled her pushing, shoving and ripping his favourite tshirt out of shape.

For a man to feel like he is actually the physically weaker one, must be a frightening experience and realisation of loss of control. (I for one know how helpless you can feel in that situation, as I have been in similar places).
But for a man to openly report things of this nature, takes another level of admitting you are not the strong one, and running the risk of people saying you are making it up. Which is why there are so few reports of abuse of this kind, or of any kind from men.

His crime? Trying hard to get away from her hatred and being stupid enough to stay until his mind was so disoriented that he messed up. And that’s when she stuck the knife in the back and twisted.

I know how gentle he is, he does not manipulate anyone.

Her crimes so much more vicious and dangerous, a dangerous woman who should have been the one locked away, not him. The reason I didn’t take an order out on her when all of this was going on? Because when I spoke to the police they said I would have to take a stalking order out on her which would prevent her from coming close to me and him and doing all those things, but for the order to remain in place, I would have to stay that far away from her too, and at the time I was so worried about what she would do to her own children, considering what she allowed them to see and hear things she was saying, that I decided I would still need to be able to get close enough to save them from her if she were to do another bad thing.

Unfortunately everything she did was a stunt, which I did not understand, so when she was sufficiently happy that he was away, all her STUNTS finished!

She kept the children ONLY so she could have the money and the house. Because before he went away she kept saying how she didn’t want the children!!!

I was packing MY things into the truck because she took everything that he had ever had together with her, minus a small bookcase and his desk. She even took some DVDs that belonged to my children and that he had gotten for me. I was so worn out by her abuse. My children didn’t need that. His children didn’t need that. I didn’t conspire to take her children, I was frightened for them because of everything she said and did, not because of anything he said.

It is lucky she gets anything in child support, that means he loves his children. With what she told him to do, she should not get any child support because she does not allow him to see them or have any contact what-so-ever. But she says she needs to stalk us still for child support, which is a lie, because we always keep our details up-to-date with them.

The reason she doesn’t get more in child support is because she stole all his rights for getting a job. I am the one who works to support my family.

I may not have gotten child support when my ex husband first moved out on me, but because I have been patient and even decided to let him see the children again after he decided not to for 6 months. He now pays me child support, and I thank him and we have a good arrangement. With NO COURTS!

Not because I wasn’t angry with him when he left me alone pregnant with a 2 year old, not because I wasn’t angry I had to lose my house I had set up for my kids. Not because I wasn’t angry that he had continually ridiculed me in public and to our friends. Not because I wasn’t angry and hurt that I had been mentally and physically abused throughout my marriage and for the whole 14 years we had been a couple.

But I chose to rip off the bandaid quickly and leave it in the bin.