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In. Out. Breathing slowly. In. Out.
She stares at him.
He stares at her.
Again they have argued.
Again, she has won.

The cycle needs to end, but he did not know when, or how. Someone needs to end it. A friend, an associate.
A saviour.
Somebody that could release him from the constant mental torment. Somebody that understood. Somebody that could change things.

He wanted to kill her. The emotion was so raw and unabashed that he now knew that it, she, had to end.
But how? How do you go about murdering somebody? Did you just go to the wrong type of bar and start asking stupid questions like

“Do you know somebody that knows somebody that can do me a solid?”

Somehow he did not think so.
He had led the most boring of lives he decided. In fact, he had decided that some time ago, but how was someone like him; just another Jeremy Townsend in a world full of Jeremy Townsend’s; going to find that side of life. Seediness was not something that naturally attracted itself to him or him to it.
He sighed – just another daydream.

But at least he still dreamed.

Whereas his wife had reached her plateau in life – the big house, the two children and a husband working his way up the corporate ladder in a multinational company.

She was set and her life was good, especially considering she had her husband’s balls in a jar on the mantle piece.

Jeremy’s anger dissipated into an insipid frustration, which was again dissolved by hearing the only magic word in his life.


“In my office, matey.” His youngest son appeared in the doorway.

Matthew always made Jeremy smile, and with that smile Matthew ran across the room and scrambled into his lap. A giggling cuddle ensued until it was broken by the appearance of his wife in the doorway a minute later.

“Aren’t you off that machine yet? It’s after 5 and you should be finished already.” Alice did not wait for an answer – she did not need to.

He would comply – usually.
Today was different though.

“I cant. I’ve got another meeting then I can get off.” Jeremy felt the almost palpable wave of disagreement.

He told her all of this in one big rush. So much for a simple cup of coffee. All she could think was

‘die, die, die, we all gotta die.’

Melanie hoped his bitch of a wife never does and lives a long life feeling all the madness and the betrayal and poison she had caused to those around her.

Her hatefulness was always part of her every being even though she lied to those around her that it was not.
It was her all powerful hatred that bound him to her. Feeling too powerless to move, to think, to breathe. His heart was crushed and she sold his soul down the river.
A woman so full of hate can never break the real truth of love. Of course she did not understand why all her evilness did not conquer, you cannot conquer love, you may tire it, you may hold it captive for a little time…
But good will always triumph over evil.
Dreams and hope are what keep good going when all seems to be lost and evil seems to triumph.
She was told by an associate,
“I told her that bitching, pushing and putting him down will only stuff things up
more, that he needs time and space to work it out.
He has finally started to listen to the way she speaks to him and he hears the put downs and sarcastic remarks, I told him she will never change, things will not improve ‘cos she is incapable of it.”