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That’s right, now she has a different angle, but she’s playing the same old song. Don’t be a victim of a foolish heart, don’t let her lies get next to you. – joss stone lyrics

“I control you and I will not let someone else have you.”

“you have been the best follower of my demands over the years”

“you do not deserve to be loved, you do not deserve happiness if you are not serving me.”

I was so completely baffled by a person who could be like this, that when my Councellor asked me how I was I just talked about how this person was behaving, and how could anyone in their right mind act like this?

She told me to look up BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. The things I read about it were astonishingly similar to the things she had been doing. and the fact that a professional had diagnosed it made me all the more sure that that was who we were dealing with.