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What was she going to do next?

She had plagued me for as long as I had known this man and it was wearing on me heavily. I want her presence to be gone for good. But I had made the decision to be here, with all the knowledge and background, so now I must shut up and stop whinging. Doesn’t the good far outweigh the bad? Much more than the bad before this.

The fear she had spread was starting to dissipate, but the nothingness was settling in its place. She could steal his manhood in a moment’s notice. I would hate to find that I had any part in making someone else feel the same way. It would grieve me to know that I was anything like her in any way. That could mean I could lose again. And far more than I would be ever willing to part with again.

“Ooh ooh I’ll come to your emotional blackmail…” (tune of Rolling Stones ‘emotional rescue’)

So I resolve to do the best I can for all those around me, that includes my ex-husband and his new family. Yes I am civil to his new girlfriend and her son.