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A tide so predictable was washing over the crowd.
Each whisper raising the story to such a ridiculous level until there was no more truth in it than a child’s fairy tale.

The masses are a fickle lot. Listening to each others fears about people and what the right kinds of people should be like.

“Follow a pattern, learn the way things should be done properly, do not stray from the path. Nothing is open to interpretation.”

If one were to really be able to see the truth behind the words, then wouldn’t it be truth not aberration of truth. If they were given the insight to hear the truth, then it would no longer be someone’s version of the texts, but more truth than following the text for texts sake. – Any old book, ‘By the Book’! Literal translations losing meaning, losing hope, losing human beings the right to grow their own path and become extraordinary.

Being judgemental does not make you funny.

Trying to get a laugh out of someone else trying to make something of themselves only forces you to look stupid and resentful and lacking in real courage.

You think that you are so much better than others and you don’t care how badly you hurt others feelings, in fact you enjoy hurting people’s feelings, it makes you feel better.
Better than what I wonder?
You tell the person they should not be upset by your words of hurt towards them and that they should “harden the f*** up!”

Well perhaps I am not open to lending out my soul to any retard any more.