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I was beginning to assert myself, feeling that I was going to let people know I would not do everything they asked me – no longer be a walk-over.
I had been sent a text message,

“Can I bring Alexa over so she can stay with you for a bit, as my wife is not really happy with the idea of her staying at our place.”

Fair enough, I thought, I wouldn’t be happy with my husband having his girlfriend over to stay while I was still living in the same house with him and the kids either!! So I sent back a message –

“Now is not a good time.” Which I believed to be an easy to understand, No. Apparently not everyone understands boundaries. Without the no in the sentence, it must just allow them the fun of the challenge of trying a little harder to get the person won over to their way.

I got another message back, “Couldn’t we just crash on your floor?”

To which I did not answer, because I thought I had already said no. What do I look like? Everyone’s safe house?

The kids had gone with their dad for the weekend, it was nice to have a couple of seconds alone by myself before Jeremy was due to come back from work. When he came in, I mentioned about the query I had for floor access. Then we forgot about it once we went out into the sultry backyard with a red wine to enjoy the summer evening. We were rather enjoying it to the fullest and relaxing, when there was a knock at the door and David and Alexa were on the front doorstep.
Both Jeremy and I looked at each other in astonishment. The nerve of these people!

I opened the door, what was I to do? Then David explained how Consuela couldn’t go back to her rental property, as she was in fear of her life. I felt sorry for them and the two children with her. I stole another glance at Jeremy before sighing heavily and saying,

“Well you’d better come in then.”

It wasn’t long before Alexa had decided Jeremy, myself and my two children were in her way in the house, so she suggested we move out. Well, she stated, there was her place just sitting there all empty – it would be a waste if no-one were in it.

“It’s ok, I’ll show anyone who wants to buy your house through.”

I don’t know why I was so stupid that I let her take over and kick me out of my own home. My brain became addled and we took up the offer to piss off. She stayed there with David and her two kids in my home – they did stuff in my bed, they used my electricity and my internet access –

“To find a place to go next”.

And I would drop of, or pick up both their boys who were also in my daughter’s class at school, as I was there in the mornings to get my kids clothes from their own home.

    One afternoon picking up the three in grade one, I was shocked to hear the two little boys harassing Keira as if she was a teenager with sexual references. In the mirror she looked completely white with fear.

My house had buyers the first weekend it went on the market and they wanted a short settlement, which was fine by my estranged husband. He just wanted it to be over and done with, but that meant I had to be the one to organise getting everything out of the house, cleaning up and finding a new place for my children to stay in – bond, rent and move all the stuff in. If it is a new area, find a new school for Kiera. All of this while taking her to school every day, taking Toby to kinder, working part-time and all the usual stuff that has to be done with two kids, in 60 days.

I moved all the stuff with a small trailer over to Alexa’s rental place in between David and Alexa borrowing the trailer for trips to their new place.  Jeremy lent David money for a rental bond so they could move into their next place. David brought the trailer back with a broken tail light and a smashed power socket.

I became quite good at driving with and backing the trailer an old family friend was generous enough to lend me. I paid for and replaced the things David had broken.