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I understood all the variables were mounting up and too many things were getting on top of him, but did he have to doubt those feelings we had so strong in the beginning? Weren’t we supposed to be the ones who fitted together perfectly? Why give up a lifetime chance because the timing was wrong?

In this life we rarely get the chance to find the one so perfectly in tune with us that we give up looking and give in to life as it is.

Near enough becomes good enough and we change ourselves – diminish our own self accordingly. What pain do we have to go through to stand up and say, “No, I will not take less as standard and I will not be someone else because you do not like who I am.” I will fight for the right to be free. Fight for the right to say, “I love you and I will not let go this love that we have found, because it is precious, unique, totally unfathomable how it came to be, but it has and we cannot push it aside now.”

However terrifying the odds are, however hard things get, I will not say I give up… To you.