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It struck me how insane this person really was.

No normal person would file for divorce and then tell me to keep away from their ‘husband’. A human being is not a possession and just because she had not received the legal ‘divorce certificate’ did not mean she still owned this man, in fact, never had owned him. In fact he hated everything about her.

She told me it was all my fault that he was not allowed to see his children anymore. I had not done anything wrong to them and had never stopped him from seeing them at all. In fact, his children quite liked being around me.

She swore at me in front of my little one, and I told her she could not speak that way in front of my children.

“And how do you speak in front of MY children?!!” She screeched.

I was tempted to tell her, from out of the secrets of my whispering mind, how many cuddles her two youngsters had given me, called me mum and showed they loved me, but it wouldn’t have mattered. She was adamant in her psychosis and nothing would change her belief of the world around her, as wrong as it was. She lied and cheated to get others to pity her.

I felt sorry for those two little people that the Department of Human Services hadn’t come in and taken them away from her. (with her continuous suicides record)

They were practically in the system as it was, because she had them in full-time day care when they were not at school and also after school care. Not to mention holiday care when there was no school. No motherly love, ostracising them from their father’s love and keeping them from seeing other family. But I had my children to worry about and care for, so it was best I stayed in a better frame of mind and taught them strategies of dealing with such people, should the need arise and they come across such people in their lives again. For surely they would, as the world gets crueller and colder.

She claimed that everything she did was Legal and the Law way, but nothing she ever did was ever out of love, or caring, or anything pure at all. Was the Law way only a form of control, even within families?
To stop people from loving?