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Come along and have a coffee with us – turned into, we want to hear all your gossip so we have someone to hate more than ourselves. Feeling I was in ok company and I could be myself and express myself freely, turned into a nightmare, as I realised the truth of how people act.

I now started to watch everything I said, but also began to feel more and more trapped by all of it, as I could no longer express the frustrations happening to me freely. The cycle of shit kickers was again ripe. Not only in the high school playground of school is trash talk, but the mothers and fathers who now go to the school playground to take their kids to school.

I knew when I was no longer in high school that I had gotten out and away from all that crap, but now just the mere fact that I had kids and was obliged to bring them to school should be a happy thing, but those same creeps and bullies that were in school remained, just were bigger, older and uglier.