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I’m acting like a stupid, forlorn teenager who’s obsessed with the idea of being in love instead of knowing what it means to calm down.

I know he has issues on his mind, but don’t I fall into the category of something nice to think about? Or am I just another hopeless case.

I want my heart to stop hurting, I want these tears to stop falling – why do men always pull away when you need them the most?

I don’t want a heart, but how can I look after my kids without a heart? I feel like my broken pieces can never be put back together again – Only a month and then what?
Why am I waiting around for someone who’s not sure if they want me anyway?

Why can’t I just run away from the pain, it’s not fair.

He used to say there was a reason he met me, now he cannot even meet my eye.
What was the reason? To make me feel again, so I could watch my heart die in my hands?