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Can’t sleep.
The anger is mounting and I have no way to get it to subside.
I have tried, since it all happened,
to make it go away.

No one can handle being around me.
Should I just go back into a drug induced haze,
as I’m no good for anyone in this state.
If I was meant to be like this,
if this is who I really am,
then what purpose could my rage serve in this day and age?
How to control it into something constructive –
with such great force,

A lover, not a fighter…
But what do I do when someone hurts me so deep I want to hit out?
All reason, sense and sensibility go right out the window.

Could I harness this awesome power?
It is ruining my need for sleep.
The lack of access to a recharge is building the pressure even more.
So many disenchantments in one lifetime.
I must look for a way to harness the power of the anger.

I want her to stop hurting him.