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The sickness I feel around so many rotten people.
Rotted from the inside out and only speaking more hatred to each other to justify the rotting they feel around them.

I am suffocated by their lack of courage.
Smothered by their words of anger and poisoned thoughts.

Anger is a feeling built to realise your fight or flight response
from something you need to change or run away from.
Not sit there in complacency and complain about those around you
who have changed things through the pain, through the darkness.
Made something out of what was.

Opinionated people who never stop talking, irritate me no end.
They have to say something about everything, even if they have
no knowledge about it what-so-ever.
But for those people to force their opinions on others and make them hear them constantly and never hear another person’s version of the truth.
That they want the other person to laugh along with them because they are right and no-one else has a valid opinion

I am so tired of changing for everyone.