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Again he asked for my help.

“Can I get a lift to Bundoora? I have to drive her to the hospital. She is being admitted to the psych ward. Sorry to ask.”

“Oh that’s no problem. Is everything alright?”

For some reason I couldn’t say no, even if he did make odd requests. I have been brought up to help people in their time of need. Especially where children were concerned.

It seemed like she was forever abusing him. If she didn’t get what she wanted, she would try to control him by saying things like,
“If you leave, or don’t do what I want you to, you will never see your children again!”

Under so much stress constantly, she manipulated every thought he had, so he could no longer see a way out.

She was going in for at least a two week period leading up to Easter. Her psychiatrist had recommended it, as she said she felt like harming the kids.

A threat best served cold.

While she was away I helped him with the boys, via the phone and sometimes, at his request, in person. He mentioned to me Joel had said, “Does this mean we need to get a new mummy? Can Keira’s mum be my new mummy?”

It was cute that he seemed so attached, but also quite alarming. Why was a 5 year old so eager to change mums, was there no love shared between them?
When she came back from hospital he stared and said, “What are you doing here?!”