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An outing here, a brief encounter there. There was no denying we had found truth. Why was she trying so hard to deny it?

The lifestyle she was losing, the money, the care of the children while she went out and played and spent his money and did her own thing.

I’d have to leave again.
Keep myself busy.
Get on with the task of living.
Keep in touch with friends.

Yes that’s right. I had an inane way of making friends, especially when I didn’t feel like I wanted to. They were somehow attracted to me, drawn to the way I could just get by…

“How do you do it?” I was asked.

“How do I do what?” I was bemused, unsure as to what I’d done now to receive any attention.

“You have people saying all sorts of bad things about you, behind your back, or in front of you, but you still turn up and face things and manage to smile and be nice!”

“Get some good music.” Was all I had energy to reply. I had been listening to some great tunes on my iPod and would only pull the earphones out as I got towards the other parents sitting in the school yard.

But quietly smiled that I had been recognised for my hard slog. I guess I’d always been subjected to slander, so what was new?

Peter had already said to me, “You at least had the balls. Something had to happen.” He really was much more astute a person than she was.
I respected his resolve.