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Each day a new struggle, as I tried to come to terms with the possibility of a new family life. What new challenges would it bring? What new things would I need to learn?

A blended family… Two of my children and two of his. They seemed to play well together in the beginning, things were amazingly smooth. Too easy in fact, that he toyed with the idea of moving me into his home to look after the four.

As “She is no good at looking after any children!”, he said.

“We could extend and build an extra room for your Keira.”

I was shocked and a bit excited that he had said something like this so early on. It all seemed to me, who had not much luck lately, too fanciful to last so perfectly forever. He was great at building a dream, but I was all too aware of fairies falling on their tales, so looking at the details was something I was well versed at analysing.
There was the issue of getting his ex-wife moved out of the house, if she in fact agreed and then the selling of my house. There were so many variables, but it was nice to just enjoy the moment for what it was… A moment..

The fur began to fly when my ex husband did in fact speak to a solicitor about dividing our assets. He wanted his name off the title of our house – hence me take on the full mortgage. Or sell.

Well, he got the best deal from that. I felt so guilty about moving on that I agreed to only taking half the money from the sale of the house and all the furniture. Stupidly, I did not speak to a solicitor, or get any legal advice, as I didn’t have the money to speak to anyone. I was only working part-time and even that was really only a little more than covering child care costs.

That was not the only hurdle we had to overcome.