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I have included some links to very interesting reports on the traumatic effects of having being stalked.

These are not all my opinions, just hopefully some help for people in the areas below.


Most important, remember, a stalker does not think like other people. A stalker doesn’t CARE about the RULES. He/She doesn’t CARE about what is fair. He/She doesn’t CARE about RIGHT or WRONG. He/She doesn’t care what you want. He/She doesn’t care about anyone or anything except him/herself and what he/she wants.

Trust your instincts. Do not blame yourself. He/she is the crazy one, not you.

Protect yourself. Do whatever it takes to stay safe.

Take advantage of every bit of help you can get. You have to be stronger now than you have ever been in your life. But you don’t have to be strong alone.

visit http://www.heal-post-traumatic-stress.com/stalker.html


Some stalkers have mental illness, or personality disorders, some do not. Some stalkers have criminal records, some do not. The reality is, there is no one “type” of stalker. The common thread is that stalkers use threats, intimidation or physical force in an attempt to CONTROL the victim.

Stay safe everyone!