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The rest of the year came and went, life had to get done, days came and went. I was up to my eyeballs in being ‘over-it’. Moving through everything that had to get done with a robot like process. Robot with a smile that is.

(shan’t say it was uneventful, another story)

Finally it was time for the first day of primary school for my little girl.

Oh there’s Missy, Mitch’s mum, I wonder if…

“Hey, Mitch and Keira are in the same class this year. That’s great!”

Throughout the year we, the parents of that class of little Preppies, started chatting as we watched our young kids going into class.

“Oh you have a name? I thought it was just Keira’s mum!”

He was funny, I enjoyed being around him, especially with the lump I had to put up with at home, who barely knew I existed. Strangely I found myself rushing Keira to school every morning to make sure I would at least see him before he went home.

This is ludicrous! I should be thinking about Peter, but this is literally the best part of my day at the moment.

“My wife says it’s not fair, I get to know the parents and she doesn’t.” He mentioned casually one day.

Well, he was the one bringing Joel to school every morning and picking him up almost every afternoon.

“Oh here’s my number if she wants to have a coffee or something, or the kids want to play.” I had made myself up some business cards with my designs on it, I really should be handing more out.

“Let me guess, hehe, it’s a Penfolds bottle design?”

Well he drinks wine, that’s better than mister ‘alcoholics anonymous’ with his whisky, bourbon, or anything just to get himself smashed.

I did end up having coffee with his wife and some of the other parents.

She said she wanted to get time off from her horrid children, so I said to her, any time the kids wanted to play would be fine. I had already heard Keira saying she had been playing with Joel at school.

She then admitted she wanted to leave him and the kids. She hated the children, they were always so demanding and that’s not what she wanted from her life.
I was a little taken aback, but didn’t know what to say. I loved my children and didn’t understand when people didn’t feel maternal.

Of course sometimes I felt tired and needed a break, but I would not admit that to a near stranger, even someone whose kids were in the same class unless it was a close friend who I knew completely and for years.