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I have been violently and physically abused by others before and I have come through and I have learned to love again.
But there’s some stuff that happened over the last few years I have not been able to get over.

I am sick of the damage she has done to him.
I am sick of having to pay for her mistakes.
I am sick of the ease with which she now lives.
She does not deserve such good fortune.

After all the abuse and damage she has caused.

  • She stalked and harassed
  • She was physically violent
  • She was abusive in front of very young children
  • She bullied and manipulated.

I tried to care and take the best approach for the kids, but the authorities looked the other way.

When that wasn’t enough she tried scare tactics to get her own way and made up stories to tell others she was not the one to blame.
But when people get close to her, it all becomes too obvious.
Her own parents used to thank him for putting up with her.

But her most frequent excuses are to say he was the one who did all of that and worse, caused her to behave so badly. Then after he had apologized because she made him, for the kids, she then did the unthinkable…

Concocted a plan to have him locked up so she could take all his money, possessions and children, and no one would contest her.

No love.
Just hatred.