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Why can’t he break free from her madness
Why won’t he let himself break free

I want to scream
To take her and shake her
To tell her all the things she needs to know

I want to let her know how much she is hurting everybody
Her children
Her so-called husband

All because she cannot have what she demands.
She demands too much
A spoilt brat
Given everything
Been told she should demand to be treated like a queen

But even queens need to be respectful
Of their subjects

She does not deserve to have subjects
And the people in her life
Do not deserve to be subjected to her own brand of torture

I want to sever all ties she has
With the people she has hurt
The people in her life
The children who get forgotten because she wishes they would go away

I cannot do a thing to help
I worry all the time
I am not supposed to know
I cannot talk to her
Because I do not exist

I am in pain
But cannot help their pain
Feeling helpless is worse
Than being able to feel free to go in and solve the situation

~ Ally