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When I say there are people who lie about being abused, I mean it. It really does take one to know one and some people are really just not telling you the truth out there, they are just playing on your sympathies.

But before I elaborate any further, some background story…

I was devoted to my husband. We built everything we had together.

We both worked hard and scraped money together to pay for our wedding, honeymoon, cars and house. We had to sell our first little house and move back into a little flat just to get enough work to keep going, as my husband’s boss kept forgetting to pay him.

We both worked full time to again buy another house closer to enough work, and hopefully in a nice enough area to start a family, as my husband was begging me for kids.

Being over tired was beginning to be normal, almost as much as breathing.

I worked full time throughout my first pregnancy, moved house and visited my almost dying brother in the city, about a hour’s drive away almost every second night.

There were complications, they said, I was no longer allowed to have my baby the way I wanted in the birthing centre (a more relaxed setting than a hospital, but with access to medical care in emergencies). I was devestated when they told me I would have to have baby induced in the big crowded hospital.

My husband tried his best to be helpful, but as he was so tired it was all a bit much for him.

Being a passionate man, things turned from tiredness and frustration to anger and violence rather quickly. Sometimes so quickly I didn’t know where it came from. Although he always said it was my fault and I always knew he was right.
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