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Let me start from the beginning…

My life had taken so many twists and turns and I was up to the part where I was feeling a little hollow again.
‘Change of hair colour might brighten me up?’ I mused to myself. ‘Hmm, just not sure if that bright orange is really helping.’

But I had to continue day to day. I do have the kids’ activities on that I need to keep up with.
‘Which reminds me, I must enrol Keira in school for next year.’

It was just another day, get the two kids and myself dressed and out of the house, but there was that hour long orientation at the new Primary school I was supposed to take Keira to. Well, at least that should be different. I settled her into the classroom and wandered off with my little boy to listen to the teachers talk about the curriculum for a while.
All the parents were finding seats and I tried to keep Toby busy by sitting near a table so he could draw. A neat, distinguished looking man came and sat down near us and started playing with Toby, I said something like,

“You have one this age?”

He said he did have another boy at home, a little younger than mine. He didn’t know of any other kids going to this school from his older child’s kindergarten though.

“Oh, which kinder do you have your son at?”

“Just up the road a bit, Cubbies”. He replied.

“My little girl goes to Cubbies and so far I have only heard of one other person starting prep with her, from that kinder”. I just watched him interacting with Toby for a bit, Toby seemed to be enjoying the attention.

“So how did you get time off work to come here?” I asked.

“I work from home.”

Hmm, what a good dad. Why isn’t my husband, Peter that interested in the kids’ life? I looked at his hands, ok he wasn’t a labourer or tradesman of any sort, that was for sure, his hands looked too clean and soft. What was that thought all about? He’s great with Toby. Yes, so is your husband.
Why don’t I keep listening to what the teachers are saying…

“What is your boy’s name at Cubbies?”

“Joel Pedder”

Hmm, must keep that in mind.

The next time I walked into the kinder I spotted his bag next to Keira’s. I could pick his kid easily out of the crowd. Little fellah with mousey hair and dark eyes. Similar features to his dad. Great, we know one other person going into Prep from here – must remind Keira to play with him so they can integrate better for next year.

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