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Never said I, never get involved with a married man.

Maybe I have just always been an adrenalin junkie. I cannot live to be bored. Cannot breathe if there is not even a little excitement in my life. Everyone tells me to slow down, simplify, cut out the stress factors in your life, but then that wouldn’t be me.

I have tried to live the simple life… Husband, two kids, mortgage, two cars and a dog. “BBQ people”, living in the suburbs, each week running into the next. Whose house will we drink at this week, after a hard slog at work all week? Useless banter, no moving forward. Dinner, bath, bed and start it all again.

Learning comes from repetition, although it is possible to be learning the wrong things. To be practising the wrong way of doing things. Does not make for new revelations, or forward stepping at all.

I would rather step out into fear, than to live through another day of boredom.