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Some people talk about safety in numbers, but what if the numbers around you are smothering and creating more pain. People can cause you heartache and damage your soul. Be careful of the numbers you surround yourself with.

Too much tension can break you, force you to lose your mind. Better not to have one at all. Wading through, feeling everyone’s emotions around you, seeping within you, under your skin. Informal drowning, the weight of their fear and damnation suffocating and hollowing out your soul.

How can anyone be themselves, as an adult, if everyone around them is so hypercritical. You must build up ‘Teflon’ coating. But when one’s emotions have been awakened again, senses emerging from the dust, from beyond the coating. The criticisms again penetrate that exterior.

To become the person you must be, you must keep yourself from those criticisms. What if there is no way to escape the hollowness of the tragedy of everyone else? How then are you supposed to exist as a person, yes the person you have always been supposed to be?